Home Visit Experience

By: Jacqueline Horton, PhD, Safety Net Health Services Care Manager

Ms. B. is a 78-yr. old CASA client who lives alone with two cats. She called and requested a wheelchair ramp for the front entrance of her home. My conversation with her on the phone was very pleasant. During the phone visit, she told me she has only three medications that she takes regularly. When I arrived at her home, she had about 10 medications on her table next to the electronic chair she was occupying. When I asked about the medications, she stated,” I try to take them as I should, but just take them whenever.” I immediately started assessing her knowledge about the medications. I realized that she needed some education about taking her medications and medication safety. In addition to medications, we talked about nutrition, her smoking habit, and safety in her home. She shared information with me about the neighbors providing fresh vegetables. We talked about her smoking habit and its effects. I observed and addressed the safety hazards in her home. At the end of our educational session, she seemed delighted that I had spent time with her. She thanked me numerous times for being “so kind” and “concerned” about her well-being. She kept insisting that I stay longer and have tea. As a result of this home visit, Ms. B had a wheelchair ramp built, health education, and was added to the friendly visitors/telephone reassurance program.

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