Enable Madison County is a non-profit agency located in Huntsville, Alabama that provides services to individuals age 60 and older and to the homebound (wheelchair and bed bound) of all ages since 1979.

Enable Madison County’s mission is to enable the homebound to live at home independently, safely, and with dignity. Our aging in place program is designed to enable the homebound to remain in their homes by providing volunteer services that specifically address their special physical and emotional needs.

The success of Enable Madison County’s mission relies in no small part to the tremendous support we receive from the local community. All Enable Madison County’s services are provided at no cost to our clients and are based solely on need, without regard to income, race, social status or religion. Enable Madison County does not receive any Federal or State budgeted funding or insurance reimbursements, and is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Enable Madison County has been serving north Alabama for 40 years.


Enable Madison County staff and volunteers provide services that help our homebound remain safe and independent in their homes, aging in place while maintaining their dignity.


Enable Madison County of Madison County installs safety features in the home to help clients age in place.


Installation of wheelchair ramps provide clients with independence and freedom.


Through our delivering nutrition program clients can maintain health through access to fresh produce from our garden.

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