Providing care for our homebound!

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Provide Accessibility

Volunteers are needed to build, repair, and design wheelchair ramps for our homebound neighbors.



Volunteers provide transportation to necessary medical appointments for our clients who are homebound and are able to get in and out of a vehicle with minimal assistance.

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Prevention of Falls

Volunteers install safety features of grab bars and handrails to aid in the prevention of dangerous falls.

Progressive Union Volunteers


Groups of volunteers work together on the first Saturday in November to prepare homes of our homebound neighbors. Temporary and minor fixes are done to the homes in an effort to keep the homes warm during the colder months and potentially lower utility costs.

Karen at the Garden

Delivering Nutrition

Volunteers, groups and individuals, work in our Enable Madison County Vegetable Garden to grow fresh, organic produce for our homebound clients. Volunteers then deliver the harvest to our clients who have a need for access to fresh produce.

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Yard Work

Volunteer provide basic yard work for clients 60 years old or older. All tools and labor provided by the volunteers.

Miss Jane's new wheel chair ramp

Miss Jane's new wheel chair ramp was built by Enable Madison County volunteers and now she can get out with less fear and live more independently. Contact us today to help!

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